The Great Bamboozle is known far and wide for his amazing disappearing act on stage, but when night falls while his show is in town, people's money seems to disappear as well.

Guide Steve the magician and his magical teleporting hat, The Great Bamboozle, to greater riches by outwitting anyone that crosses their path. Risky and flashy behavior is rewarded heavily, but don't get caught! You can't keep up that extravagant lifestyle if they take back their money, can you?


Move - WASD
Hat - K
Jump - L

By Josh Maggard (@MaggardJosh) - Programming/Music
Dan Konves (@DankOvens) - Design/Art

for GBJam 3


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I need some more instruction on how to use the hat to get up high ledges. My guess was to try get the hat to face up but even that's hard to do. =(

Same. I gave up on it.

Let go of the hat button mid-jump

I had the same problem for a bit. You have to release the hat key midjump.


Thanks for the advice! It worked but now I don't know how to "use hat to fool the guards".... =(